Frequently Asked Questions

What is improv?
Improv (short for improvisation) is a form of theater that is created before an audience. The most famous example is the TV show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” Improv is similar to sketch comedy, except that there are no scripts. None of it exists before the lights come up. The audience offers suggestions for scenes or songs and the cast makes them up on the spot. This means every show is original. Every scene is done for the first and last time. Every night we’re open there’s something new on stage and if you miss it, it’s gone forever.

Do you have to be 18 to get in?
We do not have a minimum age for the shows but do suggest that anyone under 18 be accompanied by an adult.

What rating are your shows?
The Go Comedy! All-Star Showdown tends to border PG-13 and R (though the later it gets the more it pushes the envelope). The improv sets on Wednesday and Sunday are R. Thursday's shows differ from month to month.

When are Auditions/How do I get on stage?
We have auditions for our resident and house teams once or twice a year. If you have experience and are interested (or have any questions!), please email and we’ll let you know when they’re coming up. Interested candidates must have at least one year of improv experience and call for an audition appointment. Walk-up auditions will not be accepted. This is a non-paying position.

We offer a full range of classes in sketch and improv comedy. New terms start every 2 months. Please check the GoU page for more info. The classes are a good chance to get into the system, but are by no means necessary, if you have the experience.

Fresh Sauce:
Fresh Sauce is an open improv jam. It’s free every Sunday at 9pm. This is a good chance to get some games under your belt on our stage.

How long are your shows?
On Friday and Saturday our 8pm and 10pm shows run for approx. 90 minutes.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday our shows run 30 or 60 minutes. On Wednesday and Sunday one ticket is good for the entire night of shows, unless otherwise noted.

Do you have stand-ups?
We occasionally showcase local standup talent, but our main focus is improv.

You got a full bar!?
Yes. We do. With drinks ranging from an ice cold Pabst to a Napa Valley Chardonnay the GO! Bar has something to please everyone from your hipster cousin to your great aunt Betty. Not to mention, we have a whole slew of our own drink concoctions.  Each season brings a new line-up of timely palate pleasers born from the mind of the man Metro Times named Detroit’s Best Bartender 2011,  Andy French. Scared and confused by local praise and life in general, Andy has hidden himself away from the world of fame and has completely absorbed himself in alcohol.......recipe making only to emerge when new infusions are needed or an Irish whiskey is being poured. The GO! Bar proudly serves local favorites such as Valentine Distillery, Detroit Brewing Co., Atwater Brewery, B. Nektar Meadery, Short's Brewery, and many more!

But what if I'm hungry?
We serve pretzels (cinnamon & sugar or with cheese). We also have snacks including McClure's Pickles (Garlic Dill and Spicy), McClure's Garlic Dill and Spicy Pickle chips, Better Made Classic and BBQ chips, and a yummy assortment of candy bars.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?
Yes. We do have Gift Certificates.They are good for either classes or show tickets, and can be purchased online and printed at home for your convenience. They can also be purchased at the box office during show times. Gift certificates are available here in a number of denominations.

Do you have parking?
Yes. We have free parking in our lot right next to the building and the court house parking lot after 5pm. There is also metered parking across the street.

Where is a good place to eat?
There are 20+ restaurants within 4 blocks of Go Comedy!

Our staff recommends:
Otus Supply - Just one block east of us! Eclectic menu, cocktails, and a unique atmosphere.
Voyager - Adorable seafood & oyster bar that Steve Zissou would have visited if he were real.
Imperial - Taco bar, with a badass late night menu!
One Eyed Betty's - Gastropub, with a life changing burger and more beers than you can shake a big stick at!
Anita’s Kitchen - Fine Mediterranean
The Emory - Americana
Treat Dreams - One of a kind ice cream and desserts
Sakana - Sushi