Skills Program

Registration is currently closed! Our next term begins May 29, 2018 and registration opens on May 1. Please email with any questions.

The Skills Program is an exciting new addition to the GoU curriculum. It offers a variety of classes in theater, film, writing, and improvisation. Each semester will have different choices, so check back to see if there’s something that interests you.

Boot Camp | Pj Jacokes | Sundays 3-6PM | $225
Please email in order to sign up.

Previous Boot Camps Have Included:

Boot Camp: Physicality
This Boot Camp will focus on leading scenes with physical choices. The class will explore movement, realistic and abstract pantomime, physical game play, and intuitive character development. 

Harold Boot Camp
This intensive stand-alone class will focus on developing the Harold improv form. The smaller class size will allow for more one-on-one feedback, and provide students the opportunity to closely develop an understanding of the Harold. Students must have at least 2 years of improv experience, and have a keen understanding of long-form improv.

Character Boot Camp
This intensive stand-alone class will focus solely on creating and sustaining improvised characters. The smaller class size will allow for more one-on-one feedback and a more in-your-face approach to learning. This class is not for fragile egos. Students must have at least 1 year of improv experience.

Ladies Only Boot Camp Club
This boot camp will explore the dynamics of being a female improviser. You will learn how to excel and embrace improvising in a male dominate landscape. In addition we will focus on strengthening scene work, releasing fear and empowering bold performances. Email to sign up.

Acting for Improvisers
There is a difference between improvising and acting - one is a tool used to benefit the other. All actors can benefit from having improv skills and all improvisers should learn how to act. ACTING FOR IMPROVISERS caters to improvisers looking to enhance their skill set. Learn how to communicate without speaking, recognize what’s happening beyond the words, and other skills that may currently be outside of your radar. The best way to become a better improviser is to also become an actor. You’ve learned how to perform without a script, now discover how beneficial it can be to work with one.