First, it’s important to note that if you are registering for a class, but plan on paying the first night of class, you STILL need to let us know. We’ll remind you. Don’t worry. But classes fill up fast (or conversely, sometimes we do have to cancel!), and we don’t want you losing your spot because you just showed up on the first night to a full class.


The easiest way to register and pay for class is online, through Pay Pal. However, if you are taking the class at a discount, or need a little extra time to pay, we do have some other options:

  1. Pay your teacher at any time - cash or check only, please. Credit cards are accepted over the phone, or at our box office.

  2. Send the class payment to, through Pay Pal.

  3. Pay at the box office anytime! Box office is open from 6pm-10pm on Wednesday through Sunday. Call, or stop by, and you can pay easily! A quick note: the 10 minutes before and after a show starts are the busiest times for box office, so you may be asked to wait. Please be patient. I know you can do it!

  4. Call Jess during the day. She’s here Monday-Friday, from 10am-5pm, and she can usually take payments over the phone!

  5. Email Jess. What a great option if you hate phones! She can create a Pay Pal link for you, so you can easily pay for the class online. Her email is

  6. Don’t be one of those students we have to hunt down. Plus, you won’t be eligible for future classes, or the class show if you don’t pay... and that’s no fun right!?

Don’t let it get to that point where we are harassing you for that sweet, sweet money! We’re broke too; we know how it goes and we want to help. Please, contact Jessica if you have ANY questions, or if you want information on interning or ushering to help offset the cost of classes. We love you and want you to come play with us. We mean that exactly like it sounds.