Go Comedy’s New Parking Garage Addition

Coming Spring 2021

Go Comedy! Improv Theater is extremely excited to announce that after substantial fundraising of $15 million, along with donor support from local philanthropists, is constructing a 205-space parking deck.

“We’re really excited to help the City of Ferndale with their parking issue,” said Go Comedy co-owner, Pj Jacokes. “Adding 205 spaces will not only help our patrons find an easy place to park, but will anticipate for the massive future growth of business along East Nine Mile.”

The largest construction challenge will be relocating the entire building and elevating it to allow enough space for vehicles to enter and exit the deck, as well as access to the theater from the second floor.

“After careful engineering and calculations, we found the best solution was to transfer the building to the second level,” says parking garage consultant, Jim Staedtler, of Walker Parking. “This deck is designed to reflect Go Comedy, and to fit into the Downtown Ferndale aesthetic,” said parking deck architect, John Heffner.

Go Comedy will be shut down for 20 months to allow for construction. They will be using a temporary space in Ferndale Public Library to perform shows.

Join Go Comedy, the DDA, and the Mayor, Dave Coulter, for a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, August 17 at 2pm. All are welcome to attend. Afterward enjoy refreshments and entertainment by local improv troupes.

For questions and inquires, please contact Go Comedy:

Just kidding. April Fools.