Tragedy Treasures

Ahh, Snow Days. A magical moment when drudgery turns to delight, and the day opens to the limitless possibilities of cartoons, cereal, and snowmen. But hey everyone, more importantly it's also a damn fine Detroit comedy tradition, when  the drudgery of the recovery week after New Year's celebrations is broken by a high-larious night of make-em-ups. The merry gentlemen of nerdetroit (nair-day-twah!) were cunning enough to lure the brains and brawn behind Snow Day, Bob Wieck and Pete Jacokes, to Eric's love lair, where we mercilessly interrogated them for all the secrets. HEAR the surprising story of Snow Day Number One.  EXPERIENCE the origin story behind Bob and Pete's torrid relationship. FEEL the emotion behind Bob's dark days and the dark stories  birthed from his dark brainskull. UNDERSTAND some of it. Season 2, Episode 5, coming at you like a laughalope on fire.

Posted on February 1, 2013 .