Web Fonts Were the BEST

Do you have any plums? The gentlemen of nerdetroit (nair-day-twah!) hang out at 1DevDay in Detroit, Michigan with renaissance nerd Marc Nischan to talk responsive web development, design, art, controlled explosions, and music. The many reasons to hate Mr. Nischan are iterated over, which leads into a discussion on achievement (or their attempts), excellence, and gratitude. Rock star ninjas need not apply. Eric redeems himself from last episode and destroys Nathan's attempt to rewrite Michael Jackson's music video Bad. We tackle a couple passers-by and throw microphones into their faces. Terrific Terry May talks robots, arduino, and microcontrollers and Magnificent Magnus Stahre knows all sorts of weird things about the kings of Sweden and git. The magic of digital production allows a thorough and unmitigated victory call in the matter of Eric v. Nathan. The Introvert Advantage everybody, am I right? Spotify as mix tape replacement (it was Project Pat). Three introverts and an introvert, but let's not talk about that, too frustrating. Careful with your googling, guys. Now go make something great.

Posted on December 1, 2012 .