Confluence of Congruence

Hey, everybody! It's Matt Naas, everybody! On a magical night in Detroit, everybody's favorite improvised sing-along entertainer joins the fools at nerdetroit (ner-day-twah) because man, that is one cat that knows his music. Come celebrate the 2012 Election of Math with a remembrance of the official math anthem (hint: salami is involved). Discover the muse to Matt's musical love. Eric's confession about not sharing his likes leads to an interesting discussion of congruency in life, naturally leading to power ballads and why talking about something you like is sometimes hard. At 31:22, the best off the cuff self-intro enters stage left. Want more? Find out the creepy way. Titans of Industry appear! But we didn't ask them any questions. Opinions vary on whether Lucasfilm's buyup by Disney is good news or bad. Opinions are pretty one-sided on if Nathan has it together as a dad after retelling an Episode I story involving his daughter. Thinking about the different mindsets involved in growth vs. maintenance makes us all feel lazy for a while. Steep your teabags in our computer sciences, guys. Why is that so funny Tim? I don't get it. Three parallelograms and a rhombus, anyone feeling square?

Posted on November 15, 2012 .