Deuxieme Saison! A Cuppa and a Palooza

Amazement! Certainement! Sacre bleu!
Here we are, we made it, Season Two!
Not that it's any surprise, of course,
Humor? Juvenile. Script? Improvised. Language? Coarse.
It all happened so quickly, so easy, so fast,
and without any replacements to the cast.
Hanging out in the hipster tea shoppe,
Tim's laugh drawing evil stares that don't stoppe.
Hughesapalooza, TEDx invites, Lightning Bugs,
Strange Loop conferences, xbox heroes, Pandarian hugs.
Proving once and for all this is not an idle trend,
Nerdetroit's back, mission accepted, nerdness: DEFEND.
We're doing this again? I guess it's true, without a doubt.
Two tricks and a treat, it's up to you. Figure it out!

Posted on November 1, 2012 .