Killing the Cougarbear of Royal Oak

Whew boy, here's a long one, lovingly crafted on Eric's patent pending nerdetroit (ner! day! twah!) enigma editing machine. Join the gentlemen around a backyard bonfire as we viciously debate nostrils, DC vs. Marvel, and the future of radio. In a puff of smoke, special guest Scott Vertical appears to defend the honor of his beloved Superman and to make us feel completely inadequate  in the presence of his beautifully layered multi-timbre baritone voice. Are alien superheroes cheating or just an indicator of the inclusive DC universe? Keeping it real, we discover the ridiculous number of MMOs Nathan has played, while exploring Tim's newfound addiction to Panda Monks in a persistent world. Nathan and Tim whip them out right there to find out who has done more gaming, and in this length contest Nathan handily wins. So that's a first. By now if you've ever listened to Detroit radio in the last 20 years you should recognize Scott by now, but just in case we hammer it for a while. Much ginger ale is consumed, many addictions are discussed, and the best jokes in the world are told. Three MCs and one DJ. Do we even have to say it? I'm main heal, who's the off-tank?

Posted on September 15, 2012 .