Let Me Tell You About My Poetry Slam

Back on the roof of the Madison building in downtown Detroit, Tim, Nathan, and Eric share the lessons of improv they routinely ignore. The 2012 Detroit Improv Festival is the topic of the day, and everyone tries to talk about it without retelling what happened on stage - because that's never interesting. We mostly fail at that. Some hero worship and embarrassing gushing ensues, hopefully flattery gets you everywhere. Another nerdy Nathan topic is uncovered. Tim is betting the farm that  next year's Improv Utopia will be his chance at nudeprov (pics or gtfo). A cunning trap is set to get Eric on stage singing and improvising, we'll keep you updated if he falls for it. Fist pump to the heart, Jon McCaffrey. A brief interlude to the Stratford Festival to talk about hero worship and the diminishing rate of hero return as distance from the hero increases. Baseball Disney? Do me a favor and scrum that story wall with a zero point velocity trello. Two homebodies and a traveler. We're not leaving this in.

Posted on September 1, 2012 .