Oh what a beautiful summer it has been. In this glorious episode Nine, Eric, Nathan, and Tim tell the story of their summer vacations (so far). Much Diabloing, Improvising, alterno-camping, and plans for  California baseball hunting is being... has been ha, will have been... being... Oh, that reminds me of this really cool book Tim loves. It has Disney and immortality and whuffie - what's not to love? Things are going great when we're sneak attacked (1d6 damage bonus every 2 levels) by a wandering Pj Jacokes. He forces us to stop talking about 50 Shades of Gray and start talking about Ready Player One - thank goodness. The band strikes up the big opener from Big Bad Musical. Three nerds and a Pj. There's no Utah in baseball! Let's go fishing.

Posted on August 1, 2012 .