Brain Dysplasia

On a wicked hot Michigan summer day, Nathan Swearengen makes an appearance and vents about genetics, while Eric reminds us  why he doesn't favor the trampoline. We wax nostalgic on the analogueness of the Nostromo for a bit, and we also agree that the optimal viewing arrangement for Alien is headphones and holding your iPad 12 inches from your face. Smoothly transitioning, at 37:30 we talk circumcision while ducking and dodging through all of the puntasm available in the topic. It's super effective. Sufficiently loosened up we then explore the alternative use of rest stops. Tim gives a civics lesson banned from most schools in the south.  Nathan is on crack, Alien Resurrection is a horrible, terrible movie. Recorded from the  historic green room (no, the other one) at Go Comedy! Two meat puppets and a cyborg. No one lives forever. For a good time tap twice,  third stall, between 1:30 and 3:00.

Posted on July 1, 2012 .