Wait a Minute, Stop the Execution!

Hey everyone. It's been a while. We know. It's us, not you. Seriously. We'll call. In the meantime we wanted to ask you, I mean you don't have to answer but, did you have a favorite tv show when you were a kid? And was it your favorite because of an embarrassing crush you maybe had on one of the actors? And was that actor Canadian? I mean a friend was asking so we thought we'd ask you. Totally. Take a listen. We may have more in common than you think...


Posted on July 16, 2014 .

Night of the Everloving Nerds

Nerd love is popping up in Michigan in exactly the way Spring is not! Welcome to the one-year anniversary episode of Nerdetroit (nair-day-twah), a special episode full of fun, friends, and frenemies. We talk with the lovely ladies of Nerd Nite Ann Arbor and wax poetic about the first Nerd Nite 313, a glorious event which was in the future at taping, but sadly is in the past. But it's monthly, so come to the next one! We also hear some sad and exciting news from our own Tim Taylor. A follow-up from our last episode and Eric's news, Unsweetened Valley High, Robocop, and more. Come join us, won't you? We made it special just for you. Nerd.

Posted on April 1, 2013 .

Tragedy Treasures

Ahh, Snow Days. A magical moment when drudgery turns to delight, and the day opens to the limitless possibilities of cartoons, cereal, and snowmen. But hey everyone, more importantly it's also a damn fine Detroit comedy tradition, when  the drudgery of the recovery week after New Year's celebrations is broken by a high-larious night of make-em-ups. The merry gentlemen of nerdetroit (nair-day-twah!) were cunning enough to lure the brains and brawn behind Snow Day, Bob Wieck and Pete Jacokes, to Eric's love lair, where we mercilessly interrogated them for all the secrets. HEAR the surprising story of Snow Day Number One.  EXPERIENCE the origin story behind Bob and Pete's torrid relationship. FEEL the emotion behind Bob's dark days and the dark stories  birthed from his dark brainskull. UNDERSTAND some of it. Season 2, Episode 5, coming at you like a laughalope on fire.

Posted on February 1, 2013 .


Hello! Ahh, the start of a new year! Time for resolutions, plans for change, fresh energy and the spirit to do things diff- What? Oh. Uhh.

Hello! This episode we pretend it's the new year and do things all sorts of different. What fun it was to be distributed across Michigan and collecting all of our delightful waveforms together after the fact. It's like a blind auction podcast. Eric the big Superego nerd crashes their livestream and gets some inside scoop from, ok let's face it, our podcasting improv heroes. That will hopefully get you interested in subscribing to their show because they are godly, in a nondenominational no war on Christmas here way. Then, let's be serious for a minute while Eric lays some heavy news on us and we talk about the cultural norms around sharing personal and important news on social media networks. This segues perfectly into a chat about small men with hairy feet and all the holiday blockbusters we will never get around to seeing. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and everything else to all of you. See you in 2013!

Posted on December 15, 2012 .

Web Fonts Were the BEST

Do you have any plums? The gentlemen of nerdetroit (nair-day-twah!) hang out at 1DevDay in Detroit, Michigan with renaissance nerd Marc Nischan to talk responsive web development, design, art, controlled explosions, and music. The many reasons to hate Mr. Nischan are iterated over, which leads into a discussion on achievement (or their attempts), excellence, and gratitude. Rock star ninjas need not apply. Eric redeems himself from last episode and destroys Nathan's attempt to rewrite Michael Jackson's music video Bad. We tackle a couple passers-by and throw microphones into their faces. Terrific Terry May talks robots, arduino, and microcontrollers and Magnificent Magnus Stahre knows all sorts of weird things about the kings of Sweden and git. The magic of digital production allows a thorough and unmitigated victory call in the matter of Eric v. Nathan. The Introvert Advantage everybody, am I right? Spotify as mix tape replacement (it was Project Pat). Three introverts and an introvert, but let's not talk about that, too frustrating. Careful with your googling, guys. Now go make something great.

Posted on December 1, 2012 .

Confluence of Congruence

Hey, everybody! It's Matt Naas, everybody! On a magical night in Detroit, everybody's favorite improvised sing-along entertainer joins the fools at nerdetroit (ner-day-twah) because man, that is one cat that knows his music. Come celebrate the 2012 Election of Math with a remembrance of the official math anthem (hint: salami is involved). Discover the muse to Matt's musical love. Eric's confession about not sharing his likes leads to an interesting discussion of congruency in life, naturally leading to power ballads and why talking about something you like is sometimes hard. At 31:22, the best off the cuff self-intro enters stage left. Want more? Find out the creepy way. Titans of Industry appear! But we didn't ask them any questions. Opinions vary on whether Lucasfilm's buyup by Disney is good news or bad. Opinions are pretty one-sided on if Nathan has it together as a dad after retelling an Episode I story involving his daughter. Thinking about the different mindsets involved in growth vs. maintenance makes us all feel lazy for a while. Steep your teabags in our computer sciences, guys. Why is that so funny Tim? I don't get it. Three parallelograms and a rhombus, anyone feeling square?

Posted on November 15, 2012 .

Deuxieme Saison! A Cuppa and a Palooza

Amazement! Certainement! Sacre bleu!
Here we are, we made it, Season Two!
Not that it's any surprise, of course,
Humor? Juvenile. Script? Improvised. Language? Coarse.
It all happened so quickly, so easy, so fast,
and without any replacements to the cast.
Hanging out in the hipster tea shoppe,
Tim's laugh drawing evil stares that don't stoppe.
Hughesapalooza, TEDx invites, Lightning Bugs,
Strange Loop conferences, xbox heroes, Pandarian hugs.
Proving once and for all this is not an idle trend,
Nerdetroit's back, mission accepted, nerdness: DEFEND.
We're doing this again? I guess it's true, without a doubt.
Two tricks and a treat, it's up to you. Figure it out!

Posted on November 1, 2012 .

Killing the Cougarbear of Royal Oak

Whew boy, here's a long one, lovingly crafted on Eric's patent pending nerdetroit (ner! day! twah!) enigma editing machine. Join the gentlemen around a backyard bonfire as we viciously debate nostrils, DC vs. Marvel, and the future of radio. In a puff of smoke, special guest Scott Vertical appears to defend the honor of his beloved Superman and to make us feel completely inadequate  in the presence of his beautifully layered multi-timbre baritone voice. Are alien superheroes cheating or just an indicator of the inclusive DC universe? Keeping it real, we discover the ridiculous number of MMOs Nathan has played, while exploring Tim's newfound addiction to Panda Monks in a persistent world. Nathan and Tim whip them out right there to find out who has done more gaming, and in this length contest Nathan handily wins. So that's a first. By now if you've ever listened to Detroit radio in the last 20 years you should recognize Scott by now, but just in case we hammer it for a while. Much ginger ale is consumed, many addictions are discussed, and the best jokes in the world are told. Three MCs and one DJ. Do we even have to say it? I'm main heal, who's the off-tank?

Posted on September 15, 2012 .

Let Me Tell You About My Poetry Slam

Back on the roof of the Madison building in downtown Detroit, Tim, Nathan, and Eric share the lessons of improv they routinely ignore. The 2012 Detroit Improv Festival is the topic of the day, and everyone tries to talk about it without retelling what happened on stage - because that's never interesting. We mostly fail at that. Some hero worship and embarrassing gushing ensues, hopefully flattery gets you everywhere. Another nerdy Nathan topic is uncovered. Tim is betting the farm that  next year's Improv Utopia will be his chance at nudeprov (pics or gtfo). A cunning trap is set to get Eric on stage singing and improvising, we'll keep you updated if he falls for it. Fist pump to the heart, Jon McCaffrey. A brief interlude to the Stratford Festival to talk about hero worship and the diminishing rate of hero return as distance from the hero increases. Baseball Disney? Do me a favor and scrum that story wall with a zero point velocity trello. Two homebodies and a traveler. We're not leaving this in.

Posted on September 1, 2012 .

Rocket Sleds and Dishwasher Repair

Field trip! Cap'n Eric drives the fellows of nerdetroit (ner-day-twah) in the yellow nerdebus (ner-day-bus) to visit Michigan hacker space i3 Detroit. No eyes are poked out as the delightful Ted Hansen gives us an insider tour of the place and talks about how it all began, where it's all going, and the hardware hacker ethos.  Negligent nerds let the kids wander the machine shop halls, and said kids are fascinated to discover that people actually build things. With their own hands.  Nathan meets his open source quoting, Doctorow and Banks loving hardware soulmate. A 3d printer is kind enough to whip up some i3 tags before moving on to  printing its own human killing bolt-on accessories. We all experience the joy of a bear in a buggy, but Tim gets to drive. Three nerds and a maker. Utopian societies exist, you just have to know where to look. Let's Make.

Posted on August 15, 2012 .


Oh what a beautiful summer it has been. In this glorious episode Nine, Eric, Nathan, and Tim tell the story of their summer vacations (so far). Much Diabloing, Improvising, alterno-camping, and plans for  California baseball hunting is being... has been ha, will have been... being... Oh, that reminds me of this really cool book Tim loves. It has Disney and immortality and whuffie - what's not to love? Things are going great when we're sneak attacked (1d6 damage bonus every 2 levels) by a wandering Pj Jacokes. He forces us to stop talking about 50 Shades of Gray and start talking about Ready Player One - thank goodness. The band strikes up the big opener from Big Bad Musical. Three nerds and a Pj. There's no Utah in baseball! Let's go fishing.

Posted on August 1, 2012 .

Nerde'Oakarbingtonforest Woodsvillage

Inferno summer continues with a special summer vacation edition of Nerdetroit. While Nathan enjoys opening night of The Big Bad Musical (featuring his daughter), Tim and Eric check out Chris Petersen's show, To Save a City: A Tale of Two Emergency Managers at the Planet Ant. Enjoy a special back above stage green room conversation with the stars. Don't be shy, have a hot dog. If you ever wondered, the secret to good scripted shows is on stage butt play - find out more in the interview. Two present and a missing. Back to normal soon!

Posted on July 22, 2012 .

Brain Dysplasia

On a wicked hot Michigan summer day, Nathan Swearengen makes an appearance and vents about genetics, while Eric reminds us  why he doesn't favor the trampoline. We wax nostalgic on the analogueness of the Nostromo for a bit, and we also agree that the optimal viewing arrangement for Alien is headphones and holding your iPad 12 inches from your face. Smoothly transitioning, at 37:30 we talk circumcision while ducking and dodging through all of the puntasm available in the topic. It's super effective. Sufficiently loosened up we then explore the alternative use of rest stops. Tim gives a civics lesson banned from most schools in the south.  Nathan is on crack, Alien Resurrection is a horrible, terrible movie. Recorded from the  historic green room (no, the other one) at Go Comedy! Two meat puppets and a cyborg. No one lives forever. For a good time tap twice,  third stall, between 1:30 and 3:00.

Posted on July 1, 2012 .

Structural Perfection Matched Only By Its Hostility.

A wild Chris Petersen appears, and he turns out to be a bang-up first-rate polyglot performer. If you don't like programming or theatre or movies or laughing or robots or puppies or kittens, you'll want to avoid this episode. Tim went to see a movie, and it turns out Prometheus isn't just a petty thief. Who knew? More entertaining than recapping a great improv set with your parents, the experience of practicing and performing improv has changed our lives. And improved our take on the world. And gave us superhero abilities to judge others. You don't know it, but for an hour and a half tonight, I get to be pretty cool. Three humans and an android. Don't open your mouth.

Posted on June 15, 2012 .

Ictus? Drop it.

This one time, at beatbox camp, we stuck a dizzying array of things people hit to make music into our brains. In this Memorial Weekend  taping we celebrate the Detroit Electric Music Festival, aka DEMF, aka Movement, by reimagining Drum Corps with synths and nudity. Eric can't take a compliment to save his life, but that's okay because Nathan can't give one without sarcasming it up. We hang out on the roof and there aren't even zombies to hide from. Man crush admissions abound with the inestimable Neil Gaiman and the incalculable Beardyman. That is, an inestimable Beardyman that isn't Tim. 30 seconds of racism. This file ain't FLAC, so there. Two cones and a rod. Enjoy the shawarma.

Posted on June 1, 2012 .

Sure Shot.

May the fourth (episode) be with you. This time we take it a little heavy as we revisit Ignite Detroit 2012, the manipulation of girls to sell pink plastic crap, and what age is the right age to watch Alien for the first time. Thinking about Adam Yauch and whether famous folk dying really matters to normal people. Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, and a good cashmere turtleneck join the fray. We pass the mic to Aaron Johnstone to share some Beasties tribute, and he drops science like Galileo dropped an orange. Three paradiddles and a flam. It really is up to you to figure that one out.

Posted on May 15, 2012 .

Bohabiti. All is not what it seems.

Episode three. While you won't get the full force of Tim's health insurance wellness testing rant, you will get under all of our kimonos in this third episode of nerdetroit (ner-day-twah), hardcore nerdery from Detroit. The Tigers' opening day ("It is going to have been great") and A-10 Warthogs galore. Miles and miles of open unusable space in Detroit come under scrutiny, Hunger Games is bullshit, and NASCAR, don't get us started. How has Eric never seen Fight Club? Fixed. His name is Robert Paulson. Two coders and a theatre geek. Age is over-rated.

Posted on May 1, 2012 .

Revisionist Recreationist Recreation

Toasters that don't toast and bastards that aren't bastards. Relive the days before Tigers' opening day in episode two of nerdetroit (ner-day-twah), hardcore nerdery from Detroit. Tim reveals sordid details of his childhood that turned out to be really great childhood survival tactics, and another childhood revelation turns out to be an ok story 20 years later. We invent Civil War revisionist recreation, Eric learns what both RPG and LARP stand for, and we figure out if the Basterds really are Inglourious. Tim flexes his River Phoenix memory and Nathan didn't go to jail even if he should have. Two talls and a short. I made my own garb.

Posted on April 15, 2012 .

The desire to build robots and unleash them

In this inaugural episode of nerdetroit (ner-day-twah), hardcore nerdery from Detroit, Tim Taylor, Eric Haenke, and Nathan Hughes get warmed up while talking about living and working in Detroit, sharing new observations of a classic Tarantino joint, and wondering how Nathan has not seen Inglourious Basterds. Someone worked with a real life Kevin Smith, Tim has replaced Twin Peaks with a different favorite TV series, and while Eric doth protest (too much) it seems like all of us typed our first programs in to our first computers out of dead sea programming magazines. Two straight guys and a bear. Are we doing this now?

Posted on April 1, 2012 .