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Keith Faigin


Keith is a beloved performer who proudly earned the title of Detroit Improv Institution.  He began improvising in 1989 (which, at the time, was not a Taylor Swift album) and switched to stand-up in the 90's as mandated by the Clinton administration. When Keith moved to Detroit in 2005, he returned to improv, studying with Second City and Go Comedy. Keith has been part of the resident cast since 2012 but he's not entirely certain and it's hard to remember stuff when you get old.

When not on the Go Comedy stage, Keith spends time with his family (including two daughters who he also forces to do improv... because they love it) and does computer stuff for money.

Keith is also a Producer Emeritus of the Detroit Improve Festival and wrote a surprisingly good humorous novel called The Bone Eaters which you should buy right now.


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