Intro to Improv

Registration is now closed. Our next term begins on March 12, 2019, with registration opening on February 12.

All classes are $230 unless otherwise noted. To sign up for a class, simply click add to cart and pay for it. We will send email correspondence to the email you provide, generally a couple days before the class begins. Each class only meets once a week, however you stay with the same section each week.

These classes are open to anyone, from any background with any skill set.  Everyone new starts at Intro 1. Please do not sign up for a later class unless you have taken the previous classes, or checked with Go U staff. Experienced improvisers should look to Advanced Improv.  

For info on paying for classes, click here.

Intro 1: Welcome to Improv

Every improv education starts somewhere - yours starts here. Learn the fundamentals of improvisation, basic games, scene work and skills. Get used to being on stage and working with others in safe, supportive environment. 

NOTE: We'll email you information a couple days before the class starts, to whichever email you used to pay for the class. It'll have your teacher's name and contact info, as well as the location of the class (some are in the theater, some in the training center). Let us know if you didn't receive anything!

Intro 1 | Wednesdays 7-10PM| Teacher: Pj Jacokes THIS CLASS IS FULL
Intro 1 | Saturdays 12-3PM| Teacher: Hunter Dunn THIS CLASS IS FULL
JUST ADDED: Intro 1 | Mondays 7-10PM| Teacher: Chris Petersen

Intro 2: Improv Tools

Intro 2 picks up where Intro 1 leaves off, taking the concepts covered and looking deeper into them. This class looks at the tricks, tips and tools of improv and incorporates them into a variety of games.

Intro 2 | Tuesdays 7-10PM| Teacher: Mary Beth Kolbicz
Intro 2 | Thursdays 7-10PM| Teacher: Anna Imesch

Intro 3: Improv Skills

Intro 3 takes all of the skills learned in Intro 1 & 2 and focuses towards the goal of telling a solid story through scenes and games.

Intro 3 | Mondays 7-10PM| Teacher: Doug Kolbicz
Intro 3 | Saturdays 12-3PM| Teacher: Mike Ramey

Intro 4: Improv Games

Games are the bread and butter of every improviser's diet and can be seen at Go Comedy! every weekend. Learn all about improv games from the classics to challenging new games. You’ll even learn a few of Go Comedy’s signature games.

Intro 4 | Sundays 12-3PM| Teacher: Michelle Giorlando