Classes FAQs

How long is a class term?
One term is 8 weeks long. Each class meets once a week for three hours.

Ok I paid for my class -- what's next?
After registration closes, one of our Go U directors will send out an email detailing everything you need. If you don't hear from us by the start date of the class, please reach out. 

What’s the deal with this class show?
Every class culminates in a show for family and friends, usually on a Monday or Tuesday night, though occasionally on a weekend day. This is the class’s chance to show off what they’ve been learning all term.

I have improv experience. Where should I start?
Generally, we recommend that every person starts from Intro 1. Our philosophy is a little different from other improv classes, and ideally a class of students will go through the program together. However, if you have significant improv experience, it is always possible to move into one of the later intro classes or the advanced program. If you are unsure, please contact us at

What is your refund policy?
Students can receive a full refund if they need to back out of a class before it begins. If you decide not to continue a class after the first couple weeks, the refund is $175. No refunds are offered after the third class.

Do you offer gift certificates for your classes?
We do! Gift certificates are available in all denominations here:
The gift certificates are good for show tickets, as well as all of our improv classes.

Do you have age restrictions?
For our classes, we generally ask that students are 18 or older (with the occasional exception). Please check with us if you are younger than 18. There are no other age restrictions, and we do get students of all ages and experience levels.

Can I take multiple classes at once?
The improv classes are designed to build off of one another, so it’s recommended not to take more than one in a term. However, the Skills classes are usually perfectly fine to take along with another improv class, and many students also opt to take an improv and sketch class at the same time.

What are some of the benefits of improv classes?
Improv classes have many real world benefits. They will help you be more comfortable on your feet, and in front of a crowd. In addition, you will learn to work with a group, and better understand how to support the people you’re working with. Our classes are very popular with attorneys and sales people, in addition to those who wish to explore improv comedy as a hobby or career.

Will you teach me to be funny?
You are funny! But improv classes are not about being the funniest person onstage. It is all about getting out of your head, and learning to relax and feel comfortable. Oftentimes improv IS funny, but that is not the ultimate goal.

Do you offer any classes for kids or teens? 
We occasionally offer a teen class on Sundays, pending availability and interest. For kids, we offer summer improv day camps. Unfortunately, as of right now, those are the only programs we offer for younger improvisers. 

What's with that late fee?
Here's the thing. Classes are capped at 10, or 12. If we don't know how many students are going to be in a class, that's how you get bloated numbers, or too-small classes. We just want to know how many students we have. So, hey. Let us know you're continuing on to the next class. Please. If you just show up on the first night, we will add a $25 late fee. I know. I hate doing it. But, it's really really easy to avoid.

I'm a student! How can I get onstage?!
We have so many opportunities for you! If you want to come play short-form games with us, sign up for Fresh Sauce any Sunday at 9pm! If you have a troupe looking for opportunities, check with Doug, our Development Director:

Crap, my question isn't here!
No worries! Email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
(We don't work weekends. We apologize!)