GO COMEDY'S specialized, in-depth business consulting company.

GO CO. is Go Comedy Improv Theater's specialized, in-depth business consulting company.

Go Comedy! creates performance, theater, and programming based on three principles: Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation. Due to their highly successful and longstanding record of workshops for businesses, PJ Jacokes (professional improvisor, Second City Teacher, and Producer at GO Comedy, and Jeffrey Steiger have teamed to provide in-depth consulting to companies.

GO CO. is a comprehensive, flexible consulting group that works with your leadership team to analyze, identify, and address organizational needs, barriers, and growth opportunities.

Whether your company requires large-scale transformations, interventions, or process tweaks, it can take more than a retreat, written plan, spoken directive, or new employee. Even a small challenge, such as a schism in a work team, can be rooted in a longstanding company culture or an unchecked “just the way we do things.” Business leaders need a clear picture of their organizational culture and a process to form and execute a solid strategy.

Businesses need consultants who have an arsenal of inventive approaches to match culture with a proper organizational plan, and tense, high stakes communication with disarming humor.

BACKGROUND: limits of traditional business consulting

CASE STUDY EXAMPLE: how companies and consultants can get it wrong