Gary Lehman


Gary is a resident cast member at Go Comedy as well as the Director of Go U! The Improv Academy. He coached the launch group Vulcan Hipsters, and is coaching the current launch group Missed Connections. He recently directed Laughterhouse 5, an improvised re-imagining of the Kurt Vonnegut classic Slaughterhouse 5. He has been named Best Director for The Ringwald Theatre's 2012 Gay Play Series, and directed the Best Play winner in the 2010 Gay Play Series, My Dull Friend. Gary has completed the Intro, Conservatory, and Graduate programs at Second City Detroit, the five week Summer Intensive at iO Theatre in Chicago, summer intensive at The Annoyance in Chicago, a three day workshop with Keith Johnstone, a two day workshop with Kevin McDonald, and recently went to Camp Utopia in Cambria California (yes, an improv camp). Gary is currently working on his MFA in Children's Theatre at Eastern Michigan University.


  • Legend Has It

  • Poor Old Johnny Ray

  • Abandon Tandem

  • Laughterhouse 5