Destination: Marquette, MI

After labeling Michigan Tech University “a party school without women”, the guys proceed to deconstruct dungeon crawl video games and the literature of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and Neal Stephenson.

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on 2011-05-19 18:42 by Matt Naas

The electro-industrial band :Wumpscut: and the Alien movie franchise are often tied in my mind.  Mainly because of their logo's. 

This is the logo for :Wumpscut: 


This is the logo for the Weyland-Yutani Corperation from the Alien movie franchise. 


:Wumpscut: also sampled the movie Alien 3 on the album Boeses Junges Fliesch and sampled Alien Ressurection on Wreath of Barbs.  Yes, you did read that right. 

Thanks for enjoying the podcast!


Posted on May 19, 2011 .