Cabin Pressure - Flight 1977 Non-Stop to Budapest

Hey Everybody,

If you missed last weeks Flight then you missed a lot.  Here is a rundown of what happened to our wayward travelers.

- Pj discovered that "Dog" was not one of the top ten dog names of 2008. 

- Matt believes that if Ludacris went to Budapest it would be Ludapest.

- Bryan explained the Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

- Pj stated his contempt of generic band names like Animal Collective and Beach House.  This led to the discovery that there is a band called Birdnames.  It was agreed to by all that their first album was better then their last even without hearing either.  Matt created a band called Tubesock.  Pitchfork rated it a 8.6.

- Bryan and Matt talked about the sizing of Banana Republic clothing and admitted it wasn't as bad as American Apparels.  Bryan stated that he wouldn't wear a Whisper-Thin V-Neck.  Matt really liked Whisper-Thin V-Neck's first album.

-Pj longed to be a Eurapean Bear to which Bryan made a move and motion that made Matt think he was a Leather Daddy.

-Pj explained the problem he had with a family talent show

-Matt Explained, at length, the Naas family Christmas tradition of Phil Harris's "That's what I like about the South."  Bryan and Pj were both confused and bewildered as first class asked for examples.

That sums up the flight.  Pay attention to this space because very, very soon we will post our first Pod cast.  Until then you can see us every Thursday at Go Comedyin Ferndale.

Posted on January 23, 2011 .