Chris DiAngelo


Chris is the Artistic Director and one of the owners of Go Comedy! Even thought he has been improvising forever, he still has a passion for improv that is contagious. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has been in a few films and commercials. He hates having to write bios because he thinks its odd to talk about himself in the third person.  He lives with his beautiful and talented lady Cari Murphy and their amazing son Roosevelt. What? You want proof? Will do, here is a conversation that happened at Kroger between Chris and 3 1/2 year old Roosevelt:

Chris-This one looks good. (Picking up a carton of milk.)
Roo- Can I have some?
Chris- No buddy.
Roo- Can you check if it has milk in it?
Chris- It's nothing but milk.
Roo- drink butt milk!

For the record he does not drink butt milk, it's the normal* milk...from a cows teat.

Warning: Be careful if you race Crawford, He cheats.

*Ok it's not "normal" milk, its the stupid, expensive, "more healthy" milk that somehow has an expiration date a month longer than "normal" milk.  


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