We're crazy proud of these people... 

(Our talented alumni)

Aaron Johnstone, Alison Duffy, Amber Hunt, Andrew Seiler, Anne Faba, Brian Papandrea, Bryan Lark, Cara Trautman, Dave Davies, David Herbst, Dyan Bailey, Garrett Fuller, Heather Kovacik, Jaime Moyer, Jamen Spitzer, James Quesada, Jen Bloomer, Jen Hansen, Joey Dombrowski, Lauren Bickers, Lesley Braden, Matt Naas, Michael Hovitch, Mike Wilson, Pauly Jonna, Quintin Hicks, Ryan Parmenter, Steve Forbes, Troy Davies

And we're super grateful for these people... 

(Not alumni, but friends of the family)

Adam Peacock (Second City National Touring Company, Second City's Improv All-Stars)
John Hartman (Second City Mainstage) 
Keegan Michael-Key (Key and Peele, Keanu, Don't Think Twice)
Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall)
Nate DuFort (Second City Producer)
Maribeth Monroe (Workaholics, Parks and Recreation)
Sam Richardson (VEEP, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Second City Mainstage)
Steven Yuen (The Walking Dead)
Tim Robinson (SNL, Detroiters, Characters, Second City Mainstage)